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How much does the Dive Inn weigh?

The Dive Inn weighs approximately 7.5 pounds. A little less that a gallon of milk.

What are the internal dimensions of the Dive Inn changing tent when it is set up?

When the enclosure is set up, the overall height is 6 ft. & the floor size is 4.5 ft. X 4.5 ft.

What are the dimensions of the Dive Inn when it is fully collapsed?

The collapsed enclosure fits into a shoulder bag that is roughly 24 inches X 24 inches X 3 inches.

What makes the tent "spring" open by itself?

Each of the four sides of the tent are surrounded by a loop of spring steel that has a "memory" of being open.

How do people use the Dive Inn changing tent?]

The tent is mostly used by people who have to change clothes in an open area that does not have any shelter available. This group includes people engaged in sport,  leisure, or professional activity that involves on the spot changing of garments. i.e. (Scuba Divers, Race Car Drivers, Water Skiers, Emergency Response Teams,  Professional Models, Actors, Pool Owners, Pool Repair Technicians , Swim Teams,  Surfers, etc)

Does the Dive Inn changing tent have a warranty?

Yes, AnyWidget has a Limited (90) day warranty on the Dive Inn changing tent. Click Here to see full details.        

Can the Dive Inn changing tent be used as a regular tent?

No, The Dive Inn changing tent is designed for "Temporary Use Only". Not for extended use overnight or for use in extreme weather conditions. We will not be held liable for any misuse of this product.

Is the Dive Inn changing tent waterproof?

No, the tent is "Water Resistant" (nylon) but not waterproof. If it does get wet, just set it out in the sun & let it air dry.

Is the Dive Inn changing tent available in other colors?

At present, the tent is only available in blue, although we are planning on introducing a camouflage version soon. If you have any suggestions regarding new colors or new uses of the Dive Inn , we would love to hear from you. Please give us a call @ (650) 747-9301 or send  email to

Are there distributerships available for the Dive Inn ?

 Yes, AnyWidget has certain areas that are still open. Call or email for pricing & availability.  

What if the Dive Inn does not open properly?

If the tent is not folded in the same manner each time, it is possible to put a twist i   the spring steel. This will be noticeable when the tent is difficult to fold, the floor is not square, and the sides of the tent are not straight. If this happens, please see next question.
I am in the process of putting together a couple of online videos to assist in fixing common problems. Check back here soon!

What should I do if my DiveInn structure has a broken loop?

Discontinue use of your DiveInn immediately. If the product is still within it's 90 day warranty period it may be returned for replacement.

My structure is not standing properly, what can I do to fix it?

If your Diveinn structure does not stand properly or you notice the panels are bowing (curving) it may be difficult to fold your product. If this is the case, you may have a twisted inner spring loop. To fix the problem simply run your index finger and thumb around the edge (binding) of the product where the spring loop is located. The loop should lay flat in between your fingers. When you feel a twist go to the closest corner push in the loop in with the palm of your hand and turn it with your four fingers and thumb. This will untwist your loop and allow for easier opening and folding. The twist may take some time to undo. After untwisting check it again with your index finger and thumb. Check each panel, each panel has separate steel loops.

We hope that these will help you out, if not and your product is still within it's 90 day warranty period, you my send it back for repair or replacement to:

Anywidget, Inc.
Consumer Relations Department
1040 Grant Rd. Suite 155-169
Mt. View, CA 94040

Make sure that you enclose a letter with your name, address & $15 to cover shipping.

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