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Introducing The Dive Inn Instant Privacy Enclosure

Inventor & Entrepreneur Rod Beckwith has developed a new product that was initially developed for his diving partner & wife Cindy. They are avid S.C.U.B.A. divers that were frequently seen on the side of the road changing in & out of their wetsuits with no protection from the elements. Rod would hold a towel up for his wife as cars whizzed by at 60MPH+. Even though the dive was enjoyable, the pre & post struggles with wetsuits were less than pleasurable.

Keep your self high & dry with this incredible new innovation. With more than 20 square feet of floor space & over 6 foot in height, you will be amazed on how comfortable you will be while changing. It only takes seconds to deploy, then seconds to take down. What could be easier or more convenient?

What our customers have to say:

    I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your product is for me, as a photographer, and for the models I work with. I had a recent photo assignment where there would be multiple clothing changes necessary for the model. Without your product we would have had only the back seat of a car to do those changes in because of the public setting. And to think of the model messing up her make up and hair while twisting around in the back of the car, it could have cost us a lot of unnecessary time. The changing tent made the shoot a success. There was plenty of room inside for the model and her clothes so it gave her the freedom to dress quickly and easily - adding to the profitable success of the shoot. Her comment was "This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I really love it for outdoor shoots!"
I agree! I love it!

Casual Elegance Photography, Roswell, GA

"We use the Dive Inn's we own to accommodate mixed gender swiftwater rescue classes in the Northern Virginia area. They are preferred by the females & most men, while other fellas prefer the changing in the great outdoors."
..........Gary Gesling - Rescue 3 Virginia

"What a cool product! This works perfectly for on-location shoots, which allows the model to change in some nice privacy"
......... John Eckert - Photographer


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rod@diveinn.net  Model: Sandi Traylor  Photographer: Mark Anderson