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For order: 650-747-9301

For product info: 650-747-9301




For order: 650-747-9301

For product info: 650-747-9301




For order:





Anywidget Co.

1040 Grant Rd.

Suite 155-169

Mountain View, CA 94040


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Warranty information:

Dive Inn Limited Warranty


AnyWidget, herby warrants to the original purchaser of any new "Dive Inn" Privacy Enclosure that the enclosure shall be free from defects in material and/or workmanship. This warranty shall extend for a period of Ninety (90) days from the day of purchase.

Should any such defect arise within the warranty period, AnyWidget shall replace the defective tent with a new tent. Under no circumstances, however, shall AnyWidget be required to refund the purchase price of any "Dive Inn" changing tent. This warranty does not cover any failure of or damage to the product resulting from accidental alteration of misuse of the product or failure to follow manufactures operating instructions.

AnyWidget disclaims any liability for any damages resulting from delay or loss of use and service, or repair, or for loss of or damaged tents, or for any incidental of consequential damages arising out of this expressed warranty, or any implied warranty, even though it may be caused by negligence or other fault on the manufacturer or others. The implied warranties on this product shall be in effect only for the durations of the expressed warranty period as set forth above, and thereafter, there shall be no warranties, either express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose on "Dive Inn" Privacy enclosure

Any "Dive Inn" Privacy Enclosure found to be defective within the warranty period must be returned prepaid to the address listed above. If it is determined that the product is defective and under warranty, shipping costs will be refunded.






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